Painting During the Pandemic

What’s going on?

The world right now is chaotic and changing every day. It’s hard to keep sane with the news that we are constantly pounded with. Most of us are confined to our homes and are beginning to feel restless and worried. In a time like this, it is important to keep calm and stay home. I send my thoughts and well-wishes out to all those who are affected by this pandemic.

What am I doing?

You may be wondering … why at a time like this, I am taking it easy and creating art. At this time, it’s important to resist the urge to panic and feel restless … and art can help you do so. Appreciating and making art are perfect vehicles for doing so.

Why Monet?

I’m going to be doing a study of a painting by the French artist, Claude Monet.


It’s almost funny, that the life of an artist can sometimes be very solitary. This confinement that we’re in right now because of the pandemic isn’t very different from how we artists went about our lives and work before all this chaos started. Not having the option to go out however feels debilitating. I’m going to do my best to contribute positively during these hard times, whether that is by sharing my work with you all or teaching you to create as well. Right now is the perfect time to make art, and being cooped up by yourself isn’t too big of a hindrance to the process, so I urge you to try as well.



Designer | Artist | Engineer

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